About Sudamericat

Sudamericat comes It's the Mix of the words Sudamerica (South America) + Cat. That was the Peak of my imagination and it's a downhill from there. I chose that nickname Back in 2015 and I liked it so much that I decided to make it my Nickname and also gave it to my Website.

But Who or what is Sudamericat? Online it's not a big deal. Like I said it's my internet persona who has the goal of making goodies for the internet and create stories and content to share with the world.

But also in the lore of this page Sudamericat is the Name of Internet program that was created to be distributed as Software. That's right. Despite the Name, Sudamericat (The Character) isn't actually a cat. Sudamericat it's actually an old assistant made by Sudamericat Inc. (The fictional company) for their programs and their website. So they decided to make Sudamericat as their mascot. Being a collection of data, Sudamericat takes whatever form they want to. That's why Sudamericat looks like a cat. It's just Data. That's also the reason that despite looking all the same, there exist various copies of it. Making Sudamericat also an Species. And due to the Lack of Copies of the program saved, it's actually an Endangered one.
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