About Me

I'm not really an interesting individual with somewhat of a deep story that has to be marked in the history of humanity. To be fair I consider myself as normie. Someone who doesn't really has some particular and unique ability that nobody else has, or at least some forte that not everyone has. And Even if I had it. Up to date any AI generator can do stuff that I will never be able to.

Does that mean that I'm not an interesting person? Idk. That's up to you to decide. I used to be a very shy and not very talkative person. How much? Well I've been on the internet since 2004 and I haven't even made an effort to be part of social media since Microsoft Messenger ended. Youtube was Made on 2005 and I didn't make an account until 2015. That doesn't mean I wasn't part of internet communities. The thing is that I wasn't part of social media communities and it's not like I hate social media. After all, I have to be a Hypocrite if I say I do. It's just that I'm not very social and Social media wasn't something I was looking for. So I decided to not call any attention to myself until recently.

Since I was a kid I liked to watch anime, read manga, listen to music and play videogames. But what interested me the most always was Indie Horror games. Especially the ones made with RPG Maker. Games like off, Yume Nikki, Oneshot were something I loved as a kid and I dreamed of making games like those. Maybe the most important videogame to me is Cave Story. If one man was able to make a videogame. Why not me? So I decided to chase after this dream. About my primal sources of inspiration I will tell you about the three most important ones.

-One of them is the Kirby series. I love games that has a lot of deep lore and dark secrets on a friendly and colorful world with cute characters

-Funamusea Games. Despite not sharing the way that funamusea uses dark content in her stories and having the difficulty in those games making easy mode in other games. I love the way she makes a world that doesn't interact too much with each other but having any of her stories in the same universe.

-Yume Nikki. I Love horror games so much but I do not consider Yume Nikki to be one of them, and that's why I prefer it. The Surrealism in Yume Nikki is something that I never was able to find anywhere before that game. I'm so glad that Yume Nikki never had a sequel (I know YNDD Exist. It is just a joke.)

That's pretty much it for now.
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