Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked question actually doesn't have questions that are frequently asked because nobody asked me anything yet. But the name stays cause calling this section "Guessing your possible questions" is too long and G.Y.P.Q. Doesn't seem to be a understandable acronym. So… Let's see your tentative questions.

-Can I use art or content from your page, such as art, fanart, characters, music on my page?

As long as it's not for commercial use. You can use anything you want from this page. I only ask to give me some credit for it. You don't even have to give credit everytime you use it. You can credit me in just one page from your website, one description of your social media. The criteria you use to credit me for now is whatever you feel appropriate. But if this website turn to have more content in the future the guideline to use my content may change in the future.

-Does that mean that you content can become paid in the future?

No. What is released in this page for free is going to be for free forever. That only means that some content may have some more specific rules to use. But you don't have to worry to pay for something you took for free here. However. That doen't mean that new content can be paid. I'll try not to. But Idk. Making games and comics is hard.

-I can use your content for commercial purpouses?

No. Maybe in a future if I get to prove that my art has some value I can make commissions for commercial purposes but the content here is aimed to help people make free content easier.

-You said that this page is protected under creative commons. But you took codes from Repth. Are you claiming those as your own?

Nope. I'm just claiming the name of my page, it's content and the aesthetics. The code I used as a base isn't mine so I can't claim it as mine really.

-Does that mean that I can take parts of the code you're using?

I suppose it's fine. I can't stop you really from doing it. But i'm not distributing it because i didn't made it by myself. So you're on your own on that.

-I Want to be part of your Webring. How can be part of it?

For now I'm just accepting request from Art related websites that has somewhat of original content and another Webrings. Doesn't have to be 100% original content. I don't even ask for a percentage. All I ask is that if you page appears in my page. Mine has to appear in yours. If you think your page fits the criteria feel free to message me at my email:

Also the following data is optional but highly encouraged to have in the email you will send me:

-Title to you website (Just in case the Title isn't the same as the website name)

–Description: I put a Description on every page of my webring. If you want to provide it yourself It's better for me. Because you can describe your site better than I can. If you don't provide one, I'll make one by myself.

-860x200 px banner: :Sabe as Above. I can make it if you don't want to provide one. I like the 33x81px buttons but I decided for this size in my site Sorry for any inconveniences. In exchange if you require from me a unusual size banner. I can make it./

-What do you mean by "Art" and "Original Content?"?

By Art I mean Any kind of self expression media of communication such as drawings, painting, music, comics, videogames and by original I mean it's made by you. For me it's fine if your page only has fanarts or your music is only covers. You or Your group did it? If the answer is yes that's original content to me.

- You didn't really said anything on adult content. Can I still be part of your webring if I have that kind of content on my page.

I personally don't have any issues with adult content like erotic and gore art. Everyone is free to draw and do whatever they want on their websites and I don't intend to censor anyone on kind of art they make. However, considering that minors and people who don't want to see that kind of content may lurk on this page. I'll ask you to tell me if your page contains that kind of content. I'll add that it contains +18 content. Also if your page only has suggestive themes and no explicit content you can ask me to put a +15 label instead of a +18 one.

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